Recharge Payments

Recharge is the leading subscriptions payments platform designed for merchants to set up and manage dynamic recurring billing across web and mobile.
FlyCode offers a built-in integration with Recharge via the App Marketplace to reduce involuntary churn by managing payment failures intelligently and increase revenue confidence.

Steps to install the FlyCode app:

Step 2: Confirm Permissions and install the app:

Step 3: Change the Payment settings in Recharge

  • Allow 3rd party integration
  • Set Max retires at 8
  • When Max retries are reached: “Do nothing”

Step 4: Set launching date

  • FlyCode App operates on all existing and new charges that are in error state.
  • When installing, the FlyCode App loads all existing charges in error state and backfills all errors for any charge.
  • Backfilling error details is also performed each time FlyCode receives a webhook on a charge that's new to FlyCode

Step 5: Run tests and go live

We run a test plan per merchant to cover end to end tests and make sure we support all the payment options and errors we get.
  • FlyCode App doesn't retry charges that error due to Inventory / Configuration issues.
  • FlyCode App restricts retries on charges that were given a 'hard decline' from the processor
  • FlyCode App has a built-in safeguard that never processes charges more than 5 times per hour for a given customer.
Last modified 2mo ago