PR Auto Tagging

Learn about FlyCode's auto-tagging capabilities
FlyCode PR Auto Tagging lets you know when someone requests a change in code that you previously worked on using a GitHub @mention in the PR comment and opt-out from notifications about it.

How does it work?

  • FlyCode watches your repository for code changes
  • When you push code to the repository, FlyCode will save which files you touched
  • When someone else creates a pull request that touches a file you touched, FlyCode will tag you in the pull request, and add a checkbox for you to opt out of notifications for these files.
  • Once unsubscribed, you will not get auto-tagged in pull requests touching the files you decided to opt out from.
Example comment by the GitHub bot
This feature is in closed beta. To join it, please Book a session with us here, or contact us here.