Overview | Localisation

Here we'll take a look at FlyCode's localisation capabilities
FlyCode's TMS aspires to be comfortable and efficient in a few fronts, two of which are being easy and quick to setup and continuously use, and being a native developer first experience while still maintaining FlyCode's mantra of unlocking technical capabilities to non-technical team members.
We want our TMS to be supportive and flexible of the many possibilities and needs that may arise for different teammates - developers, translators (in-house or out) and others.


With FlyCode, integration is always a breeze, it is our goal to make it as less of a hassle as possible. If you're using hardcoded texts in your app, and would like to start translating your app, instead of doing the work yourself consider using FlyCode's Extraction Service to have the shift to localisation (e.g i18n) done for you, quickly!
  • No API integration: when implementing FlyCode, you won't need to change you code to use any APIs nor make any structural changes to your components or pages. We do everything automatically.
  • GitHub App: no need to install anything on your repository or change your code in order to work with FlyCode - simply install our GitHub app and we'll take it from there! We won't make any changes to your code either (except copy changes that you make through FlyCode's platform).
  • Customised to your repository structure: whether you have a monorepo or seperate repositories, whether you're using React, Vue or another framework (see the full supported list here), FlyCode works with your existing structure and is customised for your unique codebase.

No vendor lock-in

With FlyCode, you maintain ownership of your translation files in your repository, because FlyCode operates directly on your repository, which also means you may choose any localisation framework that suits you best (e.g i18next). Furthermore, with it's Import and Export capabilities, FlyCode unlocks even more flexibility for your team and for your in-house or 3rd party translators.

Continuous code scanning

FlyCode automatically scans your code with every change and provides an automatic continuous integration. This means that whenever you change a text not through the FlyCode platform, delete a text from your app or even add a new one, FlyCode recognises these changes and instantly updates the TMS to reflect those changes. No need to worry about going back and forth between your code and FlyCode, or doing double the work - we do it all for you. We can also let you know about stale translations - if an english version of a text was changed, but the german translation was not yet updated, we will let you know about it.
To learn more about FlyCode's TMS or enquire about a certain capability, please Book a session with us here, or contact us here.