Here we're going to cover FlyCode's text import capabilities
Teams that have external translators may need the capability to update translations from external sources, which is why FlyCode has the ability to import text files to your app. This allows changes to texts that were made offline directly to the resource file to be updated in FlyCode (which will enable them to be applied to the repository with FlyCode).
Currently the supported formats for the import are:
So let's see how we can import resource files:
Example app
Let's look at our example app. Here we have our appSettings key, with 2 locales. However, it looks like some changes were made offline to the german resource files by a translator:
XLIFF file with changes
Above, we can see that our translator changed the german "settings" - die Einstellungen to "My settings" - Meine Einstellungen. Luckily, with FlyCode we can import this file and apply the changes made to existing keys in FlyCode.
First, click on the 3 dots menu button to the right of the "Request Drafts" button, and select the "Import" option:
Selecting import from the action menu
After selecting "Import", a dialog will open where you'll be prompted to upload a file:
Import file dialog
After selecting the resource file your teammate changed and uploading it, you should see the dialog's content changed to something like this:
Configure import step
Here, we can see the uploaded file's name to the left (in our case it's de-DE.xliff), and a remove button (the minus - icon) to the right - in case we uploaded the wrong file. We can click on the "Import" button. Then we'll see the changes made to the texts in the table as drafts:
Changes from import applied