Extraction (add on)

How we can help you convert to localisation
At FlyCode, we're all about helping teams gain full control of their copy.
A big problem for companies is converting from hard-coded texts to managing them in resource files such as JSONs. This is done to enable localisation and making platform accessible to users who speak different languages.
Luckily, one of FlyCode's add-on services takes care of precisely this: we will save your team the hard work and extract all of your texts, convert them to a meticulously organised resource file such as a JSON, and lay the foundations for your conversion to localisation and work with FlyCode.
For example, here's a user settings page from an admin dashboard:
User settings page with hardcoded texts
Here we can see there are a few hardcoded texts for a few options, such as "Subscribe to newsletter". We can also notice that the path of this component is src/layouts/profile/components/PlatformSettings.
With FlyCode's Extraction service, this page was prepared for localisation (using i18n), and here are the end results:
User settings page with localised texts
We can see that now the hardcoded texts are extracted to a translation file and replaced with their respective path in the translation JSON.
We can also notice that the path of the text in the translation file represents the location of the text in a way that makes sense. Here is a view of the texts in the (english) translation file:
Translation file with the new texts
Here we can see that the structure of the file represents the structure of the codebase, so as to make it easier to navigate and give context about the texts' whereabouts.
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