Here we're going to cover FlyCode's text export capabilities
One of FlyCode's helpful capabilities for your organization, is the ability to export all of your key-based texts and download them as a file to be used however you may need. Let's see how we can do this.
First, go to the page of the app whose texts you want to export. If not already there, navigate to the texts tab:
App page - texts tab
At the top right, click the menu dots next to the "Review Drafts" button, and choose "Export":
Export option
A dialog will open, where you will be able to choose the format to export your texts. There are 3 format options:
  • JSON
  • CSV
Export texts dialog
Now, select the locale you want your exported texts translated to. In order to translate to a new language that doesn't exist in your system yet, please follow this example:
Let's say we want to translate our english file (en-US.json) from english to german.
First, we'll have to add a new, empty file to our repository and call it de-DE.json (for translation to german from Germany). Then, FlyCode will detect this new file in your repository, and enable you to translate and export your english file into german. It's as simple as that!
After choosing the desired format and locale, just click the "Export" button and that's it!