Step 1 - Connect to Git Provider
Connect to your Git provider from the comfort of our own flow!


The first step in getting your new FlyCode Application up and running is to connect your relevant organization. We need to do this in order for FlyCode to have access to the resources in your project - we can't help you conveniently update texts across your project if we don't know where they are! The page you should be in looks like this:
Connect to Git provider here
Currently, we support GitHub, but we're working on GitLab and BitBucket as well. If you're working with one of the latter, please book a session with us and we'll talk about it!

Connecting to GitHub

To connect to GitHub, simply press the pink GitHub button, and a GitHub window should pop up. First, you'll need to choose the organization for which to install the FlyCode App:
choose where you want to install the FlyCode App
Then, you'll choose which repositories the FlyCode App will have access to. We can only see the repositories you allow us to and we'll never make any changes to your code other than those you requested.
Manage FlyCode's access to your repositories
Once you're satisfied with your chosen repositories, go ahead and install the app. After it's installed you'll be automatically directed to the next step in FlyCode's configuration flow.

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