So you've created an organization - now what?


If you're here, that means you (probably) created your first FlyCode Organization - YAY!
Now, it's time to get to the fun stuff - creating your first FlyCode Application.
If you haven't gotten lost at sea, you should've landed on this page here:
Say hello to our co-founder, Tzachi
This is the onboarding page -- or what's behind Tzachi's face. Tzachi is our CEO and co-founder, and through this video he will explain to you how the onboarding flow goes. But if you don't feel like watching the video, don't worry, we'll promptly go over it together as well.

Getting Started

Now that we can see the onboarding page more clearly, let's dive into it. We have a few fancy button to click here, so let's go over them.
Onboarding page

Connect GitHub

If you have installation privileges in your company's GitHub organization, you can hop on over to the next step by clicking the Connect GitHub button. If you don't have privileges, but you're a dev team member, you can also move on to the next step, where you'll be able to request an admin to authorize the FlyCode app installation, but we'll get there shortly.

Email a Teammate

If you don't have a GitHub account, installation privileges, or simply never used it before, don't worry - you can still connect FlyCode! by clicking the Email a Teammate button, you can send an email to a dev team member (preferably one with GitHub installation privileges) to come to our aid and connect your company's GitHub. The team member will be prompted to sign up to FlyCode, and upon signup they will be directed to this page (and automatically be a part of your FlyCode organization).

Book a demo

If for some reason you're having trouble (or just want to talk to us), you can book a demo session with us, where we'll connect live via a video call and we'll help you with whatever you need help with! By clicking Book a demo a new tab will open with our Calendly, where you can book the best time for you for a session with us.

Read our Docs

This will redirect you to here, our Docs! (this is super meta you guys)
Under This section, if you scroll down, you'll notice a "How our GitHub app works" with a small explanation regarding the connection of our GitHub app, but we'll get there soon enough as well.