Creating an Organization

How to create your first organization
Now that you're logged in to FlyCode for the first time, you'll need to create your FlyCode organization.
This organization will house your FlyCode Applications (don't worry, we'll get there) and serve as a home for your team, where you can collaborate and make product changes to your connected Applications.
After logging in, you should see this page:
This is the organization creation form. We'll see it again later on.
Let's go over the fields together:
  • Full Name: This one's pretty straightforward - type in your full name.
  • Organization Name: Here you'll input the name of your organization. In my case, I would put in FlyCode. If you work at Google, you'd want to call your FlyCode Organization Google.
  • Workspace: This will be the link to your FlyCode workspace hub and is unique to your organization. Notice that this field auto-fills as you type in your organization's name, but you can customize it by clicking on the pencil icon if you want.
  • Role: This will help us better understand your role in your organization. This won't affect the rest of the installation flow nor your experience using FlyCode.
  • Company Size: This will help us get a scope on how many people will potentially use FlyCode. This won't affect anything later on as well.
  • Allow Domain Access: This part will determine whether to associate your login email's domain to your organization. If enabled, users who sign up to FlyCode using an email with the same domain, will automatically be associated with your organization, without needing an invite. Note that this part will not always appear, e.g if your email ends with it can't be reserved for your organization. In my case, if I login with my account, I'll be automatically a part of FlyCode's FlyCode Organization.
After filling this form, you'll have created you FlyCode Organization
The next steps would be installing your first FlyCode Application!