How quickly can I get started?

To get started, only takes a few minutes: sign up and create an organization. Then, sync FlyCode with your Github Organization. Do that and you're all set to start using FlyCode! From start to finish, it should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

I'm not the GitHub Organization's owner. Can I still connect FlyCode?

Of course you can! Please refer to this section of our docs for a full walkthrough on how to do that.

I'm on the Bitbucket or GitLab waitlist, when can I start using FlyCode?

The team at FlyCode is always working towards integrating with new development platforms. We're rolling out invites in batches to ensure the highest quality experience for new and existing customers.

Are edits real-time?

Our platform is build off a Git-based workflow, which means any edits you make are not run-time and will still need to go through your CI/CD Pipeline. If you would like to bypass the additional testing, feel free to flag PRs from FlyCode's bot to speed up the process.

If an edit is made, how does it appear in GitHub?

After you have installed our application, FlyCode is added as a user to your GitHub organization. When an edit is made in FlyCode, a PR is automatically created by the FlyCode bot. The PR message will contain all the details about the changes that were made, so your team can review the changes easily.

What types of text formats are supported?

Currently our platform supports text management and editing with the following formats:
  • Hardcoded - we currently supported the frameworks: React, Angular, Vue, PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Resource files - PO & JSONs are supported, as well as i18n and localized resource files.

What if all my text strings are hardcoded?

We currently support hardcoded text editing for the following frameworks:
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML
If you have a different framework you wish to connect, feel free to contact us and we'll talk about it!

How do I add additional users to my FlyCode organization?

If you enabled allow access domain when creating your organization, additional team members will automatically join your organization if they sign up to FlyCode using an email with the same domain.
Otherwise, you can always send people an invitation from the sidebar or from the organization settings page, under the team tab.

I already have / am a part of an organization. Can I create another one?

Yes, you can! Open the organizations drop down located at the left side of the header (from any page), and click the + Create New button.