Requesting changes

Final step in our text editing journey...
Let's imagine we made our desired changes: fixed all the typos, added all the missing details, updated all the outdated informations. How do we make these more than just drafts? How do we apply the changes we've made to our product?
As soon as we make our first draft, the bottom Menu button should indicate the amount of drafts and should become clickable. The same goes for the "Review drafts" button at the top of Panel:
Draft counts are available in both Menu and Panel if there are any drafts.
Clicking any of these buttons will navigate you to the Review Drafts view, which should feel familiar if you've ever requested changes in FlyCode.

Review Drafts view

This panel is straight-forward and offers one main functionality: review your drafts and "request" them. You can also specify an optional message that could explain why or where are the changes you've made or what is it that you are requesting. Leaving the message field empty is also fine!
<a video of requesting changes>
By requesting changes we mean making a "revision" of selected drafts. We make these changes part of a Change request, which contains all of your revisions (all of the drafts that were requested) since the last merge. If there was no previous merge, then it simply contains all of your requested drafts.
The end of a Change Request's life is the same as of the Pull request with which it is associated. When requesting changes for the first time, we will create a Pull request which you can view at any time using the
button either in the main Panel view:
After a Change request was made, PR button will be visible next to "Review" button.
Or in the Review Drafts page (remember, you need to have drafts to visit this view):
PR button in the Review Drafts panel.
In the Pull Request you can see the changes which were made in this or in previous revisions.
Description of an automatically created Pull Request contains a visualization of copy changes.
Once this PR is merged, a new deployment of the edited application has to be made. This part is not related to FlyCode, but to how web applications usually work. Deployment can be triggered automatically or manually, depending on how the project is configured.
And that's it!
After deployment is finished, you will see your changes live!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.
    I'm not a tech person, I thought it is not required to do any "tech" stuff?
    We are constantly improving our platform and trying to reduce the tech-parts involvement, however some parts are bound to be more challenging than others. Merging the Pull Request without visiting GitHub is not possible for now and we have never hid this fact.
    We suggest passing this step to a developer, who can ensure the copy changes are not breaking anything or fix the CI in case it fails.
  2. 2.
    I requested changes, but it failed.
    All of these flows are optimistic and we're sorry if it didn't go smooth in your case. We're making sure it happens as little as possible.
    Please ensure that FlyCode's access to the repository was not revoked, also try to request changes again after a few minutes – the fail could be a one-time issue.
    We are continuously monitoring errors in the system and we will contact you if we detect an error in your flow. However, if you would like to contact us beforehand, do not hesitate.
  3. 3.
    I don't really understand the Change Request part.
    FlyCode allows you to make copy changes and eventually merge them directly to your application using a Git-based approach. With that in mind, we have implemented the Change Request – a "bucket" that contains all of your changes before they are merged.
    Change Request is reflecting the Pull Request and is highly dependent of it.
  4. 4.
    What exactly is a Pull Request?
    Pull Request is a set of changes made to application's codebase, heavily used in a Git-based approach and usually made by developers. When merging a PR you are essentially updating your application.
  5. 5.
    When clicking the "Pull Request button" I get a 404 page.
    We display this button only if we are sure the URL to the Pull Request is available, however we cannot ensure your access to it. If you see the 404 page this means the repository is private and only a selected group of people can access it.
    To properly see the repository you will need:
    1. 1.
      GitHub account – this can be easily created by everyone.
    2. 2.
      Access to the repo – ask your team for permission.
    If the issue is not the lack of access, feel free to contact us.