What is FlyCode?

What is FlyCode?

FlyCode is helping developers to cut the noise and the back-and-forth around product edits, so you can keep doing what you love.
FlyCode is a product editor platform for teams who build products together. FlyCode is changing traditional developers' operation by simplifying product edits, bringing key contributors into the process and enabling teams to build products faster πŸš€
Built to connect developers and product managers in order to consolidate your product's edits into one place and streamline delivery.
In other words, FlyCode enables anyone (product and dev alike) to make edits to the products, currently to texts, images and colors coming soon! - all without coding. Whether the product's copy is hardcoded, or stored in a language file, anyone can edit it using FlyCode.

Your code, You are in control.

  • We don't change your code
  • You choose what Repo's to sync
  • We open a Pull Request
  • You approve every change, 100% the same as your GitHub flow today
  • We enforce your limitations
  • Save time by marking any changeable areas
  • Allowing editing in Dev or Demo

Faster delivery, build on your stack

FlyCode works in a few steps:

Find resources and config

FlyCode quickly scans all your repos for text. You can choose whether to give access to your public and/or private repos.

Git based changes, match your Git workflow

For all the changes you are making, we'll send them back to your repo in a Pull Request.

Edit and change - stop guessing

Edit your product text in one place to free Developers time 🎯

Continuous Monitoring

Your apps are constantly changing. FlyCode will monitor the changes and make sure that we always keep your source of truth.

Do what you love. Say goodbye to the noise

We help developers to cut the constant noise and the back-and-forth around product edits, so you can keep doing what you love.
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