What is FlyCode?

What is FlyCode?

FlyCode is helping developers to cut the noise and the back-and-forth around product edits, so you can keep doing what you love.
FlyCode makes it easy for product, UX, and marketing teams to edit web apps without coding, so they don’t have to wait on (or consume) developer time, and can iterate, test, and release faster.
Non-technical teams frequently need to edit the copy (text), images, links, components, config, analytics, designs and events that appear in a web app.

How to manage products has long been a pain on software projects.

You can keep them separate from the code, in some form that non-programmers can edit, but this adds a lot of complexity and is usually brittle, as it can bypass the regular development workflows (as CI, staging envs & deploy previews).
It’s simpler to keep them in the code—but then only programmers can easily edit them. Everyone else has to wait to get their changes in, plus the devs have to do a lot of edits that aren’t their main work. This slows projects down and is expensive. It also means that product/marketing/UX teams can’t do things that require rapid iteration, such as sophisticated forms of A/B or usability testing. This limits their work and ultimately is bad for both quality and revenue.
There have been many approaches to solving this dilemma, including custom built admin tools that are limited in functionality and require maintenance, offloading to CMS that require heavy integration, are normally used for simple static apps, and bind your stack to their SDKs. Or wasting a developer’s time to do it for you…

FlyCode approach - Match your Git workflow

We took a new approach by automatically analyzing a codebase’s structure, similar to a compiler. This allows us to automatically populate our platform in which product/UX/marketing teams can easily use to edit and automate workflows. We programmatically turn those edits into code changes.
Our GitHub bot 🤖 then takes these code changes and creates a pull request just like a developer would—but without the latency (and boredom!). Developers retain codebase ownership, while non-developers become individual contributors to the dev process, just like the others.
Once FlyCode has parsed your codebase, it generates an editing portal for your app that teams can easily make changes and then auto-generate PRs
It only takes 3 minutes to connect our GitHub app and configure the system for your team to start editing. It doesn’t require any changes to your code, or any special maintenance.

Your code, You are in control.

  • You choose what Repo's to sync
  • We open a Pull Request
  • You approve every change, 100%
  • Match your GitHub workflow
  • The pull requests opened by FlyCode are validated using your regular CD pipeline. And once merged are deployed using your CD.
  • Allowing editing in Dev or Demo

Faster delivery, build on your stack

FlyCode works in a few steps:

Find resources and config

FlyCode quickly scans all your repos. You can choose whether to give access to your public and/or private repos.

Git based changes, match your Git workflow

For all the changes you are making, we'll send them back to your repo in a Pull Request.

Edit and change - stop guessing

Edit your product in one place to free Developers time 🎯

Continuous Monitoring

Your apps are constantly changing. FlyCode will monitor the changes and make sure that we always keep your source of truth.

Do what you love. Say goodbye to the noise

We help developers to cut the constant noise and the back-and-forth around product edits, so you can keep doing what you love.
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